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About Us

Internet Planet has provided rural California with Internet access since the mid 1990's.  Back then, Internet access was sparce, with many neighborhoods only able to receive dial up access.  Internet Planet's founder was the only one in his neighborhood with faster than dial up access through satellite technology. 


An entrepreneurial vision began one night in a hot tub when a neighbor asked how they could share the satellite Internet between houses.  Wireless technology was crude in those years, but with the right equipment they were able to create a 3 Megabit connection between their homes - which was plenty due to the fact that the satellite Internet stream was typically less than 1 Megabit at the time.


Within weeks other neighbors caught wind of the venture and wanted in on the deal...a business was born.  Soon, several dozen houses shared the "High Speed" access which provided a much better experience than their existing dial up Internet.


Today Internet Planet has 68 transmitters operating on 22 towers in 4 counties with a backbone speed in the Gigabit range.  Our technical and administrative staff has built an enterprise network with monitoring tools and redundant systems that keep our company in the category of four 9's (uptime greater than 99.9999%).  Our main goal is to provide reliable Internet access to underserved areas while at the same time providing excellent customer service.











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