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Installation Process:

All Internet Planet service plans come with a $99 installation fee. A router is also required for multiple device access. You are welcome to provide your own router, or we offer a router rental program for an additional $10 per month.


Once you have chosen a plan, we will email you a paperwork packet containing an Installation and Service Agreement and a Credit Card Authorization form. There will be a link in the email for you to click on that will display the documents on your screen. You can fill them out and sign them electronically right from your device. When you have completed the forms, there will be a blue button at the bottom to click that will send the paperwork back to our office. Once received, a member of the Internet Planet team will contact you to schedule the installation.



Once the installation is successfully completed, our billing department will process a charge to the credit card you provided for the $99 installation fee plus a pro-rated amount based on your monthly service price for the remaining days in the month. Moving forward, we will bill your card on the first of each month for that month’s service on a reoccurring basis.

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On the day of installation, you will need to have the router available if you intend to provide your own. We also recommend having any other devices you would like connected to the internet ready and available for our wireless technician. We will install a small button antenna (about 7” in diameter) on a roof pipe with a hose clamp so no holes are drilled in your roof. From there, an ethernet cable will be connected to your home’s existing wiring or brought through an external wall and terminated at the router.


As a no-cost added value to our customers, a wireless technician will then assist you with establishing your internal network, connecting any devices you may have to the internet. We will even help you set up a wireless printer on your local network, so feel free to ask!

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