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Frequently Asked Questions...

  • Available Services - Internet Planet is solely an internet service provider. We do not offer any other utilities such as cable television or telephone services. If you are looking to move away from traditional cable television and telephone services, many of our customers choose to pair our service with a VOIP phone provider (such as 8x8, Ooma, or Vonage) and online entertainment subscriptions (such as Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix, SlingTV, and/or Vudu).

  • Billing Procedure - We require payment by credit card and do not accept cash or checks. We accept all major companies (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover). We will retain a current Credit Card Authorization form from you in our file and will charge the card number you provided on the first of each month for that month’s service on a reoccurring basis through our automatic credit card billing system. If you would like copies of your paid invoices emailed to you for your records on a monthly basis, let us know and we will accommodate this. Otherwise, we operate as paperless as possible and do not mail out monthly paper statements.


  • Cancellation Procedure - If you are dissatisfied with your Internet Planet service for any reason, please give us a call first so we have the opportunity to make it right! As much as we would love to retain you as a customer indefinitely, if you do wish to cancel your account or are moving, simply contact us via phone or email and we will immediately halt all future billing. We do not refund any payments or portions of payments already received; a final payment may be required if the account is past due and carrying a balance. We will contact you to schedule an equipment retrieval as the antenna and router rental (if applicable) remain company-owned parts of our infrastructure. 

  • Contractual Obligation - Because we believe in our capability to provide you an excellent service and our responsibility to work to retain your loyalty, all service agreements are month-to-month, with no term commitment. This means you are free to cancel your Internet Planet service at any time without penalty.

  • Service Coverage Area - Although Internet Planet's incorporated entity engages in wholesale wireless internet activities throughout Solano and Yolo counties, the main focus of Internet Planet's direct sales is centered on the community in Trilogy at Rio Vista, California. We have triangulated our coverage of the neighborhood through three relay sites that have eliminated our need to perform initial line-of-sight surveys. This means if you live anywhere in Trilogy at Rio Vista, you can now receive service through Internet Planet!

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